How To Dress For Black Tie Events

Black Tie Events Require Formal Attire


Black Tie Events

Formal black tie events happen throughout the year. But, with the coming of springtime, they seem to come around more often. Many local charity events are scheduled early in the calendar year.

It is always fun to have a good excuse to dress up. And it is even better when it is an event that is going to help others.


Black Tie event

Although black tie refers to the gentlemen’s dress code, I find that I always feel very comfortable dressed in black too.

This is a Michael Kors jumpsuit that I wore to the Children’s Home Society event last week.

Black Tie Events

I like to add the “Fire & Ice” to black dressing!

This beaded bag from TJ Maxx does the job of adding the bling to my black jumpsuit.


Black tie events


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