Simply Sunday: On The Upstairs Front Porch


Pink, Purple And The Front Porch



Front Porch Sitting

I just love a front porch. In fact I love all porches period. Since, I was a young girl, there has never been a better place for wiling away a summer afternoon. Friends, family and ice tea while swinging in the front porch swing. Or you could simply rock your troubles away in front porch rocking chairs. Fortunately, I am blessed to have two front porches. And the upstairs one recently got a facelift.

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Wednesday’s: Outfit Of The Day

 Outfit Of The Day – Take A Look

outfit of the day


Today, for Wednesday’s outfit of the day,I am sharing one of my favorite outfits of this summer. As always, I like to keep my look, clean and simple.  And so, a nice, neat, grey tank top and white leggings works perfectly for my basic look. Then, I add my signature espadrilles plus a grey handbag. Later, in this post, I add my kimono, which I wore earlier this summer in New York.

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How To Wear Summer Shorts


The Long And Short Of Summer Shorts


Do You  Hesitate About Wearing Shorts?

Here’s the thing: Many ladies of a certain age exclaim, “I can’t wear shorts!”  My question is, “Why not?”  They’re comfortable, and cool. If you are wearing a walking short, it is basically the same length as your summer skirt. So, the issue is not the shorts; it’s how you’re styling them. Styling them as a woman not a teenager requires a bit more thought than merely throwing on any top and a bottom. Now, let’s take a look at how I recently styled the same pair and top two different ways.





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Espadrilles: The Comfortable Florida Shoe

 Summer Fashion Gets An Upgrade With Espadrilles



Hi there everyone!

Today it’s about the shoes.

Espadrilles, in particular.  By and large they are one of my favorite styles of shoes. I love easy summer dressing with a colorful pair of espadrilles and a simple shift dress. Incidentally, I have learned that one of the easiest ways to give a casual outfit an upgrade is with Espadrilles.

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What Boho-chic Means To Me


It’s A “Boho” Kind Of Day!

Are you confused with the term boho chic?  No need to be, it’s simple, comfortable, uniquely elegant and fun to wear clothing. Many of the elements of boho-chic dressing because popular with the baby boomers in the late 1960’s and has been recurring in varying fashions since.  “Boho” influences are bohemian and hippie along with “Chic” which is translated to mean stylish or elegant. So is it any wonder that we have fallen in love with “Boho Chic” once again!

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Fashion Investment Pieces

Outfits Don’t Have To Be New To Be Current!

 Fashion Investment Pieces Are Timeless!

Because an outfit is fashionable it doesn’t mean that it has to be new. By purchasing good quality, well made items a basic and lasting wardrobe can be easily built. Consequently, a summer material such as  linen is an excellent example of this practice. Today’s featured outfit from my closet is nine years old.

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My Casual Friday Style

The Short And Sweet Of Casual Friday Style

causal Friday style

Casual Friday style is much needed today.  Because there is a lot to do. It’s the Friday before the July 4th holiday weekend! So, how do you manage all the errands and holiday prep while still remaining stylish? Always, my best advise is to keep it simple. Since, casual Friday means casual dressing and that’s one less thing to attend to on that never ending to do list. Today’s outfit is as casual as it comes. A white pocketed tee shirt, cropped white girlfriend jeans, canvas boat shoes, a couple white accessories, a messy bun hairdo and I’m out the door.

At last, the long 4th of July holiday weekend has arrived!

Be safe, have fun and enjoy.

Happy 4th of July!



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A Shirt Dress On A Rainy Afternoon

Sunshine and Rainy Days


The Little Black Shirtdress

Do you dress for style or do you dress for the weather? Because, sometimes stylish dressing for the weather can be a bit challenging. Usually summertime heat and bright vibrant colored clothing quickly come to mind as the typical choice in choicing one’s outfit. In the meanwhile, there are those mornings when the temps are rising, the sun is shining and yet thunder claps in the distance. Finally, the heat will build and the afternoon rains will come. In this case my choice is a sleeveless cotton shirtdress. 

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3 Summer Styles: All In White

White Summer Styles

3 Pieces – 3 Styles


What can be cooler than wearing white in summer? Here in Florida it’s not uncommon for summertime temps to soar into the 90’s. How does one stay cool and fashionable at the same time? One of the best choices is to dress in all white summer styles. Then add a few accessories for some added pizzaz! Let’s take a look at three different looks combining the same turquoise accessories.

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Life In Yoga Pants

Life Is Good

yoga pants

yoga pants

woman in yoga pants

Life is good and even better when it is experienced wearing yoga pants!


Because, the older we get the more important it is to stay active. The health and beauty benefits of regular exercise are amazing. Lower blood pressure, stronger bones, better balance and flexibility are only a few of the benefits of staying active. And healthy life style is my goal in life. Although adhering to a regular schedule of exercise is challenging to say the least. Some of the ways of  being active in my life include walking, biking and yoga. I could very easily walk and ride my bike in various forms of attire. But I have found that once I have dressed explicitly for exercise I tend to do it. So I dress in my yoga pants ( the new trendy term is Athleisure wear) and I know that I will do some type of exercise. I’m a lot like my dogs, Jake and Rex. Once they see me put on my walking shoes they are determined that it is walk time and we are going to walk. Guilt is such a great motivator. So if you happen to see me in my yoga pants you know I still have exercise on my to do list for the day. My final thought on the subject is that yoga pants are so darn comfortable it is so easy to stay in them all day long.

Thanks for stopping!




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This website contains links that may generate income for Distinctly Southern Style. As always all creative and opinions are my own.