2018 Swimsuit Scarf Cover-up


Heading To The Beach This Weekend?


Beach time has finally arrived!

What’s more, fun than shopping for a swimsuit? It’s shopping for a cover-up for that newly found swimsuit. In reality, most of us dread the prospect of the swimsuit dressing room where we suck it in, squeeze it in and pledge to ourselves that we are going to exercise every day from now on and are never going to eat junk food again. Alas, all we need before hitting the pool or beach is an amazing scarf cover-up to do the job of keeping all those insecurities at bay.

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And Then There Is “LOVE”

 Simply Sunday Thoughts




Love is the greatest gift that life has to offer.



Because we are human, we all crave love and acceptance. 

Some people are able to show their needs and emotions more openly than others. But, that doesn’t mean that because a person is quiet, put together and appears to have life by the tail, they are not struggling physically or on the inside. We have no idea what people are dealing with in their personal lives. Life deals us each with a different hand and because one set of circumstances looks different from another, we must remember that we are only seeing the surface. What lies beneath is anybody’s guess. Each person has their own set of issues with which to deal.

No matter our age, we all hunger for a sense of belonging.

Some more than others, but we all have that innate desire to belong. It’s a feeling of safety, of being a part of something bigger than ourselves. Yes, it really is important to have the support of community, friends, and family around to help out when things get tough. And yes, it is important to be open to accepting their love and help.

Also, equally important is the ability to forgive ourselves for our perceived shortcomings and past mistakes.

The time for regret is passed, the time for love is now.

This is a time when we need to allow self-love to come into our lives. To see the child within us all and to forgive all that has gone before. By doing so we can start to change and evolve into the happy person that we so want to be, right inside our own lives.

May we all be surrounded by positive energy, confidence, hope, and love as we pursue the life of our dreams.

 Wishing you a peaceful day on this Simply Sunday!



ps: all thoughts and creative are my own













What To Wear This Weekend


Keep It Simple And Bring A Hat


All right, ladies, it’s the weekend once again!

What’s your plans and what will you be wearing this weekend?

Myself, I like to keep my outfits simple.

One of my springtime favorites is to wear white jeans, a tee, mules and some sunnies. One, two, three and I’m ready to go!

Here’s an example of a simple, basic, outfit that works well for me all weekend long.

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Mother’s Day Celebration


The Weekend

Hi there! I hope you had a really special weekend. I did, we started the weekend off with by attending the UF versus Georgia baseball game Friday evening. Great game, between the #1 and #2 SEC East baseball teams!

Saturday was rest and relaxation with some Real Estate business thrown in for good measure.

Sunday was filled with the blessings of family and good friends for a Mother’s Day brunch and pool time.

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Being Your Own Best Friend




Are You Your Own Best Friend?


Let’s take a moment and think about this. Are you your own best friend?

Sure you may say, “My sister is my best friend or Mary, and I have been best friends since kindergarten.” All this may be true but who knows you better than you know yourself? So shouldn’t you be best friends with yourself?

Well, how do you go about being friends with yourself?


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Carb Cycling A Healthy Start To Fitness

Carb cycling Faster Way To Fat Loss

The First Step

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
                                                                                         Tao Te Ching


This ancient wisdom teaches that even the longest and most difficult ventures have a starting point.

Every accomplishment only begins with one first step.


Carbo cycling healthy start fitness

Step 1:

Making the decision

At the beginning of this year, while I was making out my list of intentions, another birthday rolled around in January. Was it any wonder that getting into the best physical shape possible was at the top of my list? Plus this is a year planned for travel and lots of exciting adventures.

As the new year began, I watched several friends and relatives making true lifestyle changes by carb cycling and intermittent fasting combined with exercise. They were working with Amanda Nighbert, Registered Dietitian | Creator of the Bariatric Back on Track program | Certified FWTFL Coach.

I decided to join the program.

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Ruana vs Poncho…Is There A Difference?

Ruana or Poncho?


I thought I was wearing a poncho, but everyone keeps complimenting me on my ruana.

Today the big chill has once again set in, and so it’s goodbye to thoughts of spring fashion.

Overnight temps dropped into the low 30’s. That’s cold for mid-March in north Florida. So, keeping warm is first priority this morning.

Never fear! I’ve got just the outfit for this bright, sunny, chilly day. My kids gifted me a new poncho from Tommy Bahama for my birthday, and I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet.

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Forever In Blue Jeans

“I’d Much Rather Be

Forever In Blue Jeans, Babe”

                                                                        Neil Diamond


Rosemary is wearing Boyfriend shirt on Distinctly Southern Style

It’s been a hot topic of conversation on the internet the past few weeks about an article which stated that women over 40 should NOT wear blue jeans.

“CRAZY,” I say!

We are the generation who made blue jeans our uniform. “Say what you want, do what you want but you will find me “Forever In Blue Jeans”!

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Atlantis A Mid-Winter Tropical Vacation


Need A Tropical Get-A-Way?

Atlantis Is A Fun Destination For A Winter Vacation!

Are the winter blues getting you down?

Feeling like you need to get away for some tropical sunshine? Well, look no further friends!

A trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas is the perfect antidote for what ails you! The perfect mid-winter tropical destination.

Recently we enjoyed a three-day family holiday and it was such a treat! Now, that we are right smack in the middle of February and thinking of spring break, I thought I it would be a good time to share some photos from Atlantis at Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

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