Dressing For Fall

Hello October – Goodbye September

It’s Time To Start Dressing For Fall

Dressing for fall

Happy Fall!

It’s October 1st and the autumn has definitely arrived! And it’s time to change up the colors in my wardrobe… start dressing for fall. I absolutely love this time of year. Now, that the humidity is beginning to subside, you can find me right here on the front porch waiting for my ride. Here’s how it works at my house, “Call me when you come into the neighborhood and I meet you outside.”  No, I’m not nuts! Remember those two Shelties like nothing better that to greet guests at the front door and many times the Grandkids are in the car. “Keep it simple”, that’s  my motto.

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A White Shirt Is The Perfect Basic Top

 Outfit Of The Day

The Simple White Shirt

white shirt

I am an avid fan of a white shirt or blouse. For me it is one of the easiest ways to put together a basic classic outfit. The idea that you can dress it up or down depending on your choice of pants or skirt is a total thumbs up.

Most days find me in a rush about town. Consequently, so far this month has been no exception. Starting the month of September with the Labor Day Holiday, my brother’s and grandson’s birthdays and a visit from Hurricane Irma this week, I can say things have been hectic. Nevertheless, when given the invitation for an impromptu birthday lunch for a dear friend, I can be ready in a flash! However, I will note Irma was still three days away from us when I had my luncheon last week. Needless to say, hurricane preparedness was our main topic of conversation.

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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Touring The Grand Canyon


Check One Off The Bucket List

Hello friends!

Warning: Today’s post is long on photos and short on words.

Why? Because, on a recent business trip to Las Vegas last month, we took a couple days for a few side trips. And the most amazing of all was our helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon. The beauty and majesty of the landscape for me was breathtaking! A picture is worth a thousand words. So, I am going to let my photos speak for me today.

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Simply Sunday: Walking The Dogs


Sundays With Jake And Rex

walking dogs


Sunday morning and the sun is shining. What better reason to simply take life a little easy and enjoy the moment? It’s time for a no fuss no muss walk through the neighborhood with my two best buddies, Jake and Rex. This gorgeous morning is the perfect time for reflection on this past week and prayers for our friends, family along with all the people affected by hurricane Harvey. Today it’s Simply Sunday and I am simply grateful for everyone and everything around me.


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My Casual Friday Style

The Short And Sweet Of Casual Friday Style

causal Friday style

Casual Friday style is much needed today.  Because there is a lot to do. It’s the Friday before the July 4th holiday weekend! So, how do you manage all the errands and holiday prep while still remaining stylish? Always, my best advise is to keep it simple. Since, casual Friday means casual dressing and that’s one less thing to attend to on that never ending to do list. Today’s outfit is as casual as it comes. A white pocketed tee shirt, cropped white girlfriend jeans, canvas boat shoes, a couple white accessories, a messy bun hairdo and I’m out the door.

At last, the long 4th of July holiday weekend has arrived!

Be safe, have fun and enjoy.

Happy 4th of July!



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Simply Sunday: St Patrick’s Cathedral

Awe Inspiring


 This is St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. Awe inspiring does not convey the beauty and majesty of this cathedral.

Because this post is Simply Sunday, I will be simply sharing my photos of this magnificent cathedral with you today.






While visiting the cathedral, my experience was one of reverence and peace. Silence in a crowd and the lighting of candles for loved ones touch my heart.

 I felt joy and gratitude.

That is my intention and that is my wish  for you on this Simply Sunday.





ps: as always all creative and opinions are my own.



3 Summer Styles: All In White

White Summer Styles

3 Pieces – 3 Styles


What can be cooler than wearing white in summer? Here in Florida it’s not uncommon for summertime temps to soar into the 90’s. How does one stay cool and fashionable at the same time? One of the best choices is to dress in all white summer styles. Then add a few accessories for some added pizzaz! Let’s take a look at three different looks combining the same turquoise accessories.

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Central Park In The Afternoon

Central Park

New York City, New York


Recently we kicked off  our summer of 2017 with a family trip to share the sights of New York with the grand kids. The unfolding of lush green landscape of Central Park soon became the number the one destination for us in NYC.  Central Park provides the perfect spot for kids and grown ups alike to slow down, stop and let off a little steam.

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Life In Yoga Pants

Life Is Good

yoga pants

yoga pants

woman in yoga pants

Life is good and even better when it is experienced wearing yoga pants!


Because, the older we get the more important it is to stay active. The health and beauty benefits of regular exercise are amazing. Lower blood pressure, stronger bones, better balance and flexibility are only a few of the benefits of staying active. And healthy life style is my goal in life. Although adhering to a regular schedule of exercise is challenging to say the least. Some of the ways of  being active in my life include walking, biking and yoga. I could very easily walk and ride my bike in various forms of attire. But I have found that once I have dressed explicitly for exercise I tend to do it. So I dress in my yoga pants ( the new trendy term is Athleisure wear) and I know that I will do some type of exercise. I’m a lot like my dogs, Jake and Rex. Once they see me put on my walking shoes they are determined that it is walk time and we are going to walk. Guilt is such a great motivator. So if you happen to see me in my yoga pants you know I still have exercise on my to do list for the day. My final thought on the subject is that yoga pants are so darn comfortable it is so easy to stay in them all day long.

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This website contains links that may generate income for Distinctly Southern Style. As always all creative and opinions are my own.

The Kimono

What’s Old Is New



Kimonos are front and center of the fashion spotlight this season. The term kimono actually means “a thing to wear“.

Well, what a fantastic thing to wear! Wearing one is great!  I’m loving this style in jackets and cover-ups. My first purchase of the kimono style was last fall. I purchased two French terry kimono style sweatshirt jackets from the Gap. (here) I wore them constantly all winter. So, when I started finding all these soft silky kimonos in the local shops I was over the moon. I found this blue one in DSW shoes. Go figure. Well, I have worn it with jeans, shorts and a green dress so far. That’s the fun of this multi colored pieces. They can be worn so many different ways and as an added bonus they can be easily folded and tucked inside a tote or bag.

Thanks for joining me and stopping by Distinctly Southern Style.

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Remember to always have fun loving and living life to it’s fullest!





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This website contains links that may generate income for Distinctly Southern Style. As always all creative and opinions are my own.