Home Delivery of Fresh Meals

Right at Home with Rosemary

A New Way Of Cooking

home delivery meals

Welcome to my kitchen!

 Have you tried any of the new fresh home delivery meals yet?

Lately while walking through my neighborhood, I have been seeing lots of  shipping boxes for packaged meals on front porches.

Geez, healthy meals delivered directly to your doorstep. What could be easier?

  Durning the past few months,  I myself have had to opportunity to try several meals from different companies providing the home delivery meals service.

I am happy to report that they were a hit at my house too!

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Baking For The Christmas Cookie Exchange

The Christmas Cookie Swap

A Christmas cookie exchange has been scheduled for the December meeting of our community book club. Friends, books, wine and cookies at holiday time and all is well in my world. Oh yeah, I have to bake cookies.

Once upon a time long long ago Christmas baking was a big part of my holiday prep. My Mom, sister and I would gather in one kitchen and bake for a week. Oh what fun we had.

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Pineapples and Southern Hospitality


Pineapples Mean Welcome Friends

Come on in and let’s visit is what the pineapples found at the front door means here in the South. I have always had an affinity for  pineapples. I love to eat them, decorate with them and at times I even to wear them.

Version 2

I didn’t realize how much of a pineapple lover that I am until a few days ago. I had stepped outside to have a few photo shots taken before leaving for the day. Later I down loaded the photos to my computer. Much to my surprise I am standing with a pineapple on the middle of my top. There is also pineapple pillows on the rockers and the pineapple porch light. As I looked around I saw many more pineapples all around. So what’s with the Pineapple?

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