Carry On Luggage And Traveling Light

carry on luggage


Leaving On A Jet Plane


carry on luggage

 Today’s the day for a new adventure!

Actually, for the remainder of this week I’m heading off to California, Los Angles to be exact!

Definitely, excited for sure! And I’m packing light with carry on luggage for my four days of California sunshine. Checking bags when you travel can be a formula for disaster and a time waster when in a hurry.  In any case, I’m keeping life simple.  I am traveling light with a carry on and tote.

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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Touring The Grand Canyon


Check One Off The Bucket List

Hello friends!

Warning: Today’s post is long on photos and short on words.

Why? Because, on a recent business trip to Las Vegas last month, we took a couple days for a few side trips. And the most amazing of all was our helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon. The beauty and majesty of the landscape for me was breathtaking! A picture is worth a thousand words. So, I am going to let my photos speak for me today.

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Simply Sunday: St Patrick’s Cathedral

Awe Inspiring


 This is St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. Awe inspiring does not convey the beauty and majesty of this cathedral.

Because this post is Simply Sunday, I will be simply sharing my photos of this magnificent cathedral with you today.






While visiting the cathedral, my experience was one of reverence and peace. Silence in a crowd and the lighting of candles for loved ones touch my heart.

 I felt joy and gratitude.

That is my intention and that is my wish  for you on this Simply Sunday.





ps: as always all creative and opinions are my own.



Central Park In The Afternoon

Central Park

New York City, New York


Recently we kicked off  our summer of 2017 with a family trip to share the sights of New York with the grand kids. The unfolding of lush green landscape of Central Park soon became the number the one destination for us in NYC.  Central Park provides the perfect spot for kids and grown ups alike to slow down, stop and let off a little steam.

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Let Me Take You On A Sea Cruise

A Cruising Vacation

We’re off  and ready for a long weekend of sun and fun on a sea cruise!

 Are you looking for a short break away from everyday life? No time for a week or more of vacation?  How about taking a weekend sea cruise?

Well we did and we loved it!

We’re sailing out of the port of Tampa, Florida on Royal Caribbean’s Emperess of the Sea. And heading to Cozumel Mexico.

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Spring Break in Margaritaville


Spring Break Southern Style in Margaritaville 


Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort
Lobby of Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort

It’s time to start thinking spring break!

I’ve recently visited Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood Beach, Florida. Since I am officially a parrot head from way back in the day, I jumped at the opportunity to have dinner at JWB Steak & Seafood restaurant. It gave me the chance to see the resort and all it’s amenities.


Margaritaville lobby Hollywood Beach Resort
JWB Prime Steak and Seafood
Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Fl
Waiting to dine at JWB Prime Steak and Seafood

I was blown away by the casual elegance of the front lobby. Swings were delightful and relaxing spot for socializing before dinner.  Our dinners did not disappoint. Steaks and seafood were perfect dinner fare. The “Cheeseburgers in paradise” can wait for lunch.


Dining inside Margaritaville

This is the spot to go for those famous Cheeseburgers and Margaritas.


Poolside after dark.
Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort
Landshark Bar & Grill
Snacks on the boardwalk at Floridays

Since mine was a dinner trip, my views and photos were taken after dark. The Resort is situated on the boardwalk with loads of sun and sand when visiting during the day.


Margaritaville St Somewhere Spa
St Somewhere Spa
Margaritaville Shop
Hotel Gift Shop

I can always find time for shopping or a spa day.


Fruitcakes video photo
On the set of Fruitcakes video

I would like to close with a little flashback memory.

It was such a  fun time being part of Jimmy Buffet’s “Fruitcakes” video.

Oh, were we young.

Fruitcakes video
Flashback to the Cast of Fruitcakes video

What are your plans for spring break?

Thanks for joining me and stopping by Distinctly Southern Style.
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Remember to have fun loving and living life to it’s fullest!


ps: as always all creative and opinions are my own.