Matching Your Handbag and Shoes

The Short and Sweet on Handbags and Shoes


Lately I’ve been reading in the fashion news that matching your shoes and handbag is no longer the trend.  In fact the quotes that I have been reading say that this look will age you 10 years.  Yikes!

The current trend is for your purse to be a statement piece.

I like the idea of statement accessories. I love bright and colorful or designer handbags.

I also love to play the matching game.

Over the years while building my wardrobe, I have collected a several sets of shoes and purses that match.

It’s my thing.

I love this bright yellow bag by Brahmin. When I found these shoes in the same shade of yellow, I couldn’t resist. They are featured in a previous blog (here). The bright yellow of both the handbag and shoes brings balance to the black and white of my dress.

What do you think? Do you like to play the match game too?

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    1. Thanks Jodie!
      Many times I feel like it’s the finishing touch when I pick up the handbag and it matches with the shoes. just’ of those grounding things.

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