Saturday Brunch

I May Not Have It All Together!

One meal + two people = two menus & brunch.


Weekends get hectic around here and the more hectic it gets I try to slow things down. Saturdays and Sundays are brunch days. At my house we usually brunch at home. Brunch means, “Skipping breakfast and being way too hungry to wait for lunch”!




I started out by looking in the freezer for my favorite broccoli quiche. I’m not much of an egg lover so quiche fills my protein needs. I buy my quiche at Fresh Market and always have a couple on hand. Hubby doesn’t care so much for quiche, so it’s leftovers for him. Take-out ribs from the other night and leftover mac and cheese. He’s not complaining. Some mint for our tea and rosemary for the tomatoes from my herb garden and we’re set.


My pot with my herbs is starting to look a little wilted. I have mint, rosemary, basil in the large pot. The chives didn’t make it. Temps in the 90’s near 100 demands a lot of watering.

Is your house like mine? Everyone eats from a different menu. It seems to be that way with my friends and family too. No complaints as long as we have leftovers and are blessed with food.

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Remember to have fun loving and living life to it’s fullest!


ps: As always all creative and opinions are my own.

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