Simply Sunday and Santa Is Coming

The Christmas Prep Has Begun!

Santa Claus is coming.


This first weekend of December and I have been busy prepping for the coming holidays! This is a fun and exciting time of year. Also very busy for everyone.


You may have guessed that I am a collector of Santa Claus. You will find him everywhere through out my home at Christmas time.


For me the tree decorating is always a time of reflection. As I unwrap each ornament and place it on the tree, I travel back to earlier Christmas holidays with thoughts of loved ones and friends from past years.


This Santa is always on the very top of our tree. It was my husband’s from when he was a little boy. Like I was saying each ornament tells a different story.


Santa is keeping a list!


And here’s that Jolly Old Elf  again. 

Thanks for joining me and stopping by Distinctly Southern Style at this busy time of year.

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Jazzed Up Jeans Holiday Style




Baby Boomer Style For The Coming Holidays

ps: as always all creative and opinions are my own.

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