Dressing For Fall

Hello October – Goodbye September

It’s Time To Start Dressing For Fall

Dressing for fall

Happy Fall!

It’s October 1st and the autumn has definitely arrived! And it’s time to change up the colors in my wardrobe… start dressing for fall. I absolutely love this time of year. Now, that the humidity is beginning to subside, you can find me right here on the front porch waiting for my ride. Here’s how it works at my house, “Call me when you come into the neighborhood and I meet you outside.”  No, I’m not nuts! Remember those two Shelties like nothing better that to greet guests at the front door and many times the Grandkids are in the car. “Keep it simple”, that’s  my motto.

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A White Shirt Is The Perfect Basic Top

 Outfit Of The Day

The Simple White Shirt

white shirt

I am an avid fan of a white shirt or blouse. For me it is one of the easiest ways to put together a basic classic outfit. The idea that you can dress it up or down depending on your choice of pants or skirt is a total thumbs up.

Most days find me in a rush about town. Consequently, so far this month has been no exception. Starting the month of September with the Labor Day Holiday, my brother’s and grandson’s birthdays and a visit from Hurricane Irma this week, I can say things have been hectic. Nevertheless, when given the invitation for an impromptu birthday lunch for a dear friend, I can be ready in a flash! However, I will note Irma was still three days away from us when I had my luncheon last week. Needless to say, hurricane preparedness was our main topic of conversation.

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Fashion Investment Pieces

Outfits Don’t Have To Be New To Be Current!

 Fashion Investment Pieces Are Timeless!

Because an outfit is fashionable it doesn’t mean that it has to be new. By purchasing good quality, well made items a basic and lasting wardrobe can be easily built. Consequently, a summer material such as  linen is an excellent example of this practice. Today’s featured outfit from my closet is nine years old.

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Basic Outfit On Any Day

basic outfit

Wearing basic items of clothing has always been my best formula for dressing and building my wardrobe. I almost always wear solid colors but there is always an exception to every rule. I found this black and white print blouse at Chico’s this season. It has become another staple for a go to basic outfit.

basic outfit

The slacks and belt featured in my outfit are several years old.

They were purchased from White House – Black Market.

My black boots are by Tommy Hilfiger and the small clutch is a from the Michael Kors brand .  Both pieces are several years old.

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The Gap’s French Terry Kimono Cardigan

Plain and Simple Days


gap kimono

Most days for me are just plain and simple when it comes to dressing. Jeans and tee shirt and I’m out the door. Not hard at all.

Are you looking to step up your casual sweatshirt style? Today is your lucky day!

I’ve found a great solution at the Gap this fall. It’s a soft french terry kimono style cardigan.  

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How I Wear My Long Cardigan

 Lovin’ My Long Cardigan

long cardigan

My long cardigan is new this year from The Gap.

long cardigan

The charcoal gray is a perfect multi-purpose color.


The cardigan is so soft and light weight. I am sure that it will be getting lots of wear as the temps get cooler in North Florida this winter.

I am styling it today by layering it over a slim black tee and jeggings from Chico’s. My high top riding boots are by Ralph Lauren

This is a total comfort outfit.

Lastly, for a splash of color, I am carrying an old favorite. It’s a Coach handbag in a Tartan plaid. My bag was purchased back in 2005.  Happily the plaids are making a big come back again this year.

long cardigan

How I Wear My

Last summer when I first started my blogging adventure I came across a monthly series  on Facebook called “How I Wear My”.  It is hosted by Adrienne Shubin  of   The Rich Life In Wine Country and Jill Burgess of Every Thing Just So It’s a fun and exciting exchange of styling ideas. Each month Adrienne and Jill feature one current trend and fellow bloggers from across the internet join in and submit their interpretation of how to style the given item. It’s a lot of fun and very interesting. These two girls do a fantastic job of coordinating the event each month. Be sure to take the time and visit their website and check out the “How I Wear My” section.

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Fall Farmers Market At Haile Village

The Farmers Market On Saturday

farmers market

What a delightful Saturday morning we spent at Haile Village Farmers Market!

The temps are finally cooling and the sun was shining brightly. Jake and Rex were more than ready for a morning out. One of our favorite weekend pastimes is going to the local farmers markets.

With fall in full swing there are plenty of fall markets and festivals on the calendar. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

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How to Wear Animal Prints

Animal Prints in My Closet

animal prints_7978

The news this fall fashion season is lots of animal prints.

As always what is old is new again. Before shopping, I head to my closet to see what I have from prior seasons. Yes, I have found some animal print items. I look forward to sharing them with you.

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Black and White Dressing

Black and White When It’s Hot!


I’m wearing black and white because it’s hot here!

Transitioning from from summer to fall in the Florida heat is a challenge. One solution is to ditch the  florals and pastels of summer in favor of two basic colors. Today I’m choosing black and white.

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Autumn 2016 Has Arrived

Autumn Days Are Here – Are You Ready?

Whether we’re really or not autumn has arrived!



The autumn equinox is today, Thursday, September 22, 2016.

Equinox? What does that mean?

I’m off to Goggle to check it out.

Equinox means that “twice a year the sun crosses the earth’s equator and the day and night are of equal length”. In autumn the temperatures begin to drop and days start to get shorter than the nights.

Our weather forecast here in North Florida is a high of 90 degrees today. The coming cooler temperatures will be a welcome change.

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