Lilly Pulitzer is Southern Style

Lilly Pulitzer in Key Largo


 Are you a Lilly Pulitzer fan?

If you live or vacation in the South then chances are you love Lilly! 

Lilly Pulitzer’s resort wear is inspired by the Palm Beach lifestyle. Her bright, sunny, fun prints reflect all of what vacationing and living in the sunshine is all about.  We discovered a great Lilly shop a the Fisherman’s Village on the Ocean Reef Club Resort, Key Largo.

One of Lilly’s favorite sayings was “Life’s a party, so dress like it!”

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Time Out At The Ocean Reef Club

Ocean Reef Club – Key Largo, Florida



The Ocean Reef Club located in Key Largo, Florida was the perfect location for our family’s Labor Day time out.  We have visited the Florida Keys many times before. This was our first visit to the Ocean Reef Club. It did not disappoint.

We had a wonderful time enjoying many of the activities associated with the Florida Keys and we never left the property in three days. Plenty of sunshine and great food was a bonus to our weekend.

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Good Bye “Hermine” We’re Flying to Key Largo

Key Largo For The Labor Day Holiday


I’m going to Key Largo for the Labor Day weekend!

Our family has a trip planned to Key Largo with a work related group. We have been homebodies on Labor Day for years. The last time we planned an end of summer vacation over the Labor Day holiday was back in 2004. We had just moved back to Boca Raton earlier that year and were going to go north to visit family and go to the Canfield Fair.

On Labor Day weekend and just three weeks after Hurricane Charley, Hurricane Frances came calling. Our trip was cancelled and we lived for two weeks without power.  How could I forget? Well, it’s been twelve years and here we go again. Labor Day week Hurricane Hermine just came calling on Florida.

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