First Annual Alachua Car Show

A Perfect Morning For A Car Show

On Saturday the City of Alachua held it’s first Annual Car Show.

Car show


This is the first year for the City of Alachua to host a fall car show.

 Last Saturday was one of those magnificent fall mornings.  It was sunny and bright with a slight nip of fall in the air.

We decided it was a good day to take the boys on a little excursion.  Jake and Rex love to go to festivals and car shows.  They especially love all the attention they get from the passers by.

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Summer Sunday Afternoons

How Do You Spend Your Sunday Afternoons?

IMG_6928 (1)

Southern Sunday afternoons are made to be spent in the shade. What better place than in the back garden. One of my best shady spots is under the trees and sitting on the butterfly bench. Butterflies were one of my Mom’s favorite things. Whenever I see butterflies I think of her and feel her near. 

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On The Road Again!

“On the road again.

Goin’ places that I’ve never been.

Seein’ things that I may never see again.” – Willie Nelson



Good morning!

Why is it whenever I am prepping for a road trip, that song starts playing in my head?

Thanks Willie! I love it.

We’re off this morning. Heading to Boca Raton in south Florida to spend the 4th of July holiday with family.

I’m looking forward to beach time, sunshine, maybe a little shopping and of course fireworks.  Boca Raton is my old stomping grounds. I really enjoyed living there and am looking forward to coming home again. 

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Time For Hair Maintenance


i’m off for an hair appointment.  it’s time for a trim. I have made it a habit to keep a standing appointment every 8 weeks. i’ve only had short hair once in my life and it didn’t work for me. i always get a trim and some high & low lights. sometimes i have added conditioner. what are is your hair routine?

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