Southern Living and Cashmere

Southern Living Cashmere

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

southern living in cashmere

Southern Living or Southern Freezing?

What’s up with this photo?

No, I’m not headed out on an Alaskan vacation. You guessed it! Just running a few January errands and we’ve been hit with a week of winter weather here in northern Florida.

While a huge part of the country is reeling from unbelievable nasty winter weather, there are no complains here. But, we southerners do have the minor dilemma of how to dress when the weather is not coherent with our regular wardrobe. My answer – a warm cashmere topper in the back of my closet.

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Outfit: Tweed Leggings and Riding Boots

A Late Fall Fashion Outfit

Tweed Leggings and Riding Boots


Hello friends!  Are you feeling refreshed from the weekend and ready for a new week?

We enjoyed some beautiful late fall weather here over the weekend. Now is a favorite time of year for me in north Florida. When the temps start dropping along with the oak leaves, we get a chance to enjoy some fall fashion styles.

I know we are all feeling the anticipation of the coming holidays along with all the glitz and glamour that it brings. But, if you are like me you are also looking for outfits that have a pulled together, yet casual look.  Today, I wanted to share my look from over the weekend, tweed leggings and riding boots.





In today’s outfit, I’m working my style using neutrals and a hint of pattern.  My black cold shoulder top supplies the neutral element to this look with a hint of trending style.  Next, the addition of leggings that sport an interesting pattern of gray and black tweed. Then, I  finish off the look with black riding boots and gray handbag. Now, I’m ready to go wearing my late Florida fall outfit.

Since I purchased the  leggings and top at my local neighborhood boutique, I have found some online links for you.  Interested? Take a look below.

Outfit Details:


Link: here






 Link: here

Link:   here


Have an amazing week!

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