How To Dress In August

Along Comes August


Mantra For August Is “Keep It Casual And Cool”

Here comes August and bringing with it is 31 days of sunshine, high temperapture plus plenty of humidity. Aside from the weather, the first half of August here in central Florida is filled with full-fledged summer activies. And then as if by magic the mindset changes to thoughts of fall. Come mid-August the schools are back in session. And, when you live in a college town the community begins to buzz with activity and excitement.  Football fever is in the air. That’s not to say that it won’t still be summertime. But definitely,  the slide into Labor Day is underway.

And so end-of-summer outfits need to be dominated by lightweight fabrics. Thankfully, by adding some seasonal colors with current classics we can easily sail right on through the cusp of seasonal dressing.

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    By simply adding a splash of an autumn shade such as orange or rust, it is easy to transition into the last month of  summer with style and ease. The key is to keep the fabric light and airy. Linen is a perfect partner for a colorful, casual tee.

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    Today’s Outfit Is From My Closet

    Colorful tee top

    Natural linen slacks

    Natural espadrilles

  • Since all items in today’s post are older, I have placed the links to a some similar items below.



So, are you really for August and the last month of summer?  If so, what small changes are you making to your summer wardrobe? Maybe, you could leave me a comment in the section below and share your thoughts.   Of course, I  always love hearing from you.

As always, thanks for joining me and stopping by Distinctly Southern Style. 

Also, please, remember to have fun loving and living life to it’s fullest!

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  1. I just heard on the news this morning that our average temperature will go down one whole degree by the end of August from 92 to 91. Isn’t that funny, it’s still going to be so hot but we’ll all think it’s time to grab the pumpkin spice lattes and bundle up! Your outfit is perfect for our steamy Summer days, I love linen!

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