Tropical Pineapple Sweater

A Pineapple Means Welcome

Woman sitting on a sofa wearing a sweater with pineapple design on the front.

Do you know that the pineapple is the symbol for welcome?

Well, I do and pineapples are one of my favorite things. I love to eat them, to decorate with them and to wear them! So much so, that I even wrote an entire blog post a couple years ago about the history of the pineapple here in the south.

So, you can imagine my delight when I received this lovely cashmere pineapple sweater and clutch for my birthday.

They make the perfect outfit for our late winter and early spring days!

Woman standing on an upper level porch wearing a tropical sweater.

Are you planning a spring trip to South?

Now that we are closing in on mid- February, spring is just around the corner for us here in the south.

And for you all that live in colder climates, I’m sure that many of you are counting down the days to spring break. Then you will have a chance to breakaway and head south for some sunshine and warmer temps.

I thought that it might be a good time share my new pineapple sweater and and get you in the mood for spring.

Cashmere sweater with pineapple design on the front.

A shimmery golden pineapple design adorns this super soft sweater giving a tropical touch for all your cooler spring outings. By adding the pineapple handbag, I’m ready for dinner or a resort weekend.

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woman sitting in a chair reading a book.

Lastly, the pineapple symbolizes hospitality and the welcoming of friends.

I am so happy that you stopped by to join me here at Distinctly Southern Style today.

Please come back again.

You are always welcome!


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What Is Your Attitude Age?

Attitude Age Birthday cake
Attitude Age Birthday cake


The Age Of Attitude

After spending this past month celebrating my birthday, and looking forward to my husband’s upcoming one, I have been thinking about the comments and observations concerning age that I’ve been hearing.

Now, for me, age has not been the center of my attention.

I am one of those gals who likes to stick my head in the sand and think, ” If I just ignore the subject it won’t matter.”

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Dressing For Winter In The South

Woman dressing for winter in the south

Woman dressing for winter in the south

One Day – A Trifecta Of Outfits

When dressing for winter in the south, one must think across all season lines. While living or vacationing in Florida during the winter months, temps can vary from the low 30’s to the high 70’s mid-afternoon. Yes, it’s true, when the frigid air blasts in the north, it blows cooler temperatures down south. Some days the cool temps will last all day. But, then some days the sun shines bright and the temps rise back to southern normals.

Basic Outfit

Woman dressing for winter in the south

One of my favorite way of dressing for winter in the south is to start with a basic, classic outfit. A soft, lightweight tee, jeans, and booties.

Mornings Can Be Cold

Woman dressing for winter in the south

During the winter months, when the early morning is cold and brisk, that’s the perfect time to add a lightweight puffer vest or jacket. Earlier in the season, I purchased this puffer vest for our winter ski vacation. And the amazing plus of this vest, it is that it has a removable faux fur collar. By adding the fur, you have a fun, warm — third layer for those cooler southern winter days.

Warmer Afternoons

Woman dressing for winter in the south

Now if the day is not in the 30 to 40-degree range, but more like 50 to 60-degrees, then add another lightweight layer over a tee. You will be stylish and not too warm.

In the summer months, I have worn this tie-dye tunic as a top with white jeans or slacks, and even as a swimsuit coverup. And it is also perfect as a third layer in southern winter dressing.

And so, you can see that dressing for winter in the south is easy. Again, all you need to remember is to wear light comfortable layers.


Most items are on sale now!

Thanks for stopping by!

How To Dress For Winter In The South

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Are You Simply Curious Too?

Woman and bear simply curious
Woman sitting on bench with statue of Albert Einstien.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. – Albert Einstein

I don’t play a musical instrument and you won’t find me singing karaoke.

When I was young, my mother started my music education with piano lessons. Alas, th lessons didn’t last long. And frankly it’s no surprise that I have never been asked to sing in the choir. Now, I must admit that my singing voice is off definitely off key. Because, in my mind these tasks take talent, I have never seen myself as especially talented. Although, I have always loved music and the arts.

What I do love, is to read and to travel!

I am curious by nature. I want to know more and I am always looking for answers, recipes, or just a relaxing escape. Today, libraries, bookstores and now services just as Google and Amazon provide the answers for all us curious folks.

Woman visiting the Little Free Library on a bike.

We are fortunate to have in our neighborhood, our very own “Little Free Library“. Here we have stops along the walking trail where we can trade and recirculate books amongst neighbors and friends.

Gateways and Experiences

Indeed reading is the gateway to thousands of different worlds. Likewise, travel is the experience of all those beautiful places, people and things.

While my husband is still working full time, we have made the decision to travel more frequently. I am excited to share my travel experiences with you here on the blog! Last year, we were fortunate to visit Alaska, Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We have more exciting adventures planned for 2019. I hope that you will join us back here and check out new ideas and places.

And yes, I am simply curious! Rosemary

I Am Grateful For New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I am grateful for new beginnings

This morning as I go about my morning routine, I am listening to a conversation between Joel Osten and Oprah on the television.  It is all about the power of the phrase that we say to ourselves constantly, “I am.” Now I have heard this conversation before, and so it was one of those, “Oh yes, that’s right I remember this!” moments.

Simply put, I become more of the person that I say I am. “I am tired,” and then I feel more tired, etc. As my thoughts drift about who I am circulating within my brain,  I begin to think more deeply on the subject.

It seems to me that more and more these days there is tons of noise and chaos everywhere I turn. Blame it on social media, society whatever we like, it is definitely there. And it is not who “I am”.

I decide it’s time to think about who I am and who I want to be. What better time to start than the beginning of a new month?

And so this is my challenge to myself for November, each day I am going to journal one thing that “I am.” It will be only one phrase, voiced in a grateful, positive light.

And so I start. Join me if like. I will post on my Instagram page daily.

Day one: I am grateful for new beginnings!

Love, peace, and kindness today and always!


A Night Out With Good Friends





Another Saturday Night…

and we’re stepping out in style!

I just love it when I get an invitation to spend an evening out. Especially when it is filled with great food, conversation, and good friends!

Recently we were invited by friends to participate in an intimate dinner party at The Fat Tuscan Cafe in historic downtown Gainesville. Needless to say, we had a marvelous evening.

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Autumn Happenings

Autumn Has Arrived…




And along with it comes cooler temperatures with more time outside for us Southerners. I for one, am looking forward to getting outside and taking long walks with my dogs after dinner.  When you live in a college town, such as Gainesville, September/October means lots of social activities are happening. Not only is sports, aka UF football, front, and center, September/October is also the start of many traditional fall activities.

 September/October is that special time pocket of time between the start of school and the hustle and bustle of the holidays begin!  Life begins to slow down along with the longer evenings. Octoberfest celebrations, concerts, and charity events are a few of the things we look forward to along with the changing of leaves.

2018 Lemon Ball

Yellow clutch and tickets for the Lemon Ball
Lemon Ball 2018

Group at the 2018 Lemon Ball Gainesville

2018 Lemon Ball

The Lemon Ball is a beautiful annual fall evening event to raise funds for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) and to fund national research for childhood cancer.


Recently, I have been traveling. In September, our trip was to Ohio for a family visit, class reunion and the baptism of my great-niece.   Yes, it was a lot to squeeze into six days, but it was a ton of fun and lots of beautiful memories.

Best Friends

Here is the one and only Marcia, my very best friend since 7th grade!

Reunion Photo

And here are all my friends from Chaney High Class of 68′.


Grape Jamboree - Geneva Area
Geneva on the Lake, Ohio

Fortunately,  we were able to make time for some sightseeing and took a short drive to Geneva on the Lake. There we visited a couple of wineries located on Lake Erie.

Front entrance to the Ferrante Winery
Ferrante Winery

Sitting outside at the winery

Indeed, September is a great month to be outside and visiting the Ohio/Lake Erie wineries. On the afternoon after our reunion, a casual get together was held at the local Mastropietro Winery.

Whitehouse Fruit Farm
Whitehouse Fruit Farm

Women choosing mums

And then there is the fall harvest at the local fruit farms.  Of course, we made the time to enjoy an afternoon at the Whitehouse Apple Farm while they were celebrating the annual Fall Festival. Lots of tasty treats to eat, just too bad we couldn’t fit some of these gorgeous mums on the plane.

Around Town

Lady and a pink Caddy

Meanwhile, back at home, it’s the last Saturday of September, and we’re off to a car show. Like I said earlier, “autumn has arrived”!  And there are lots of fun, exciting, activities and autumn happenings everywhere.

At last, this is where I am going to leave you today. I hope that you are enjoying my look back at September and will join me here at Distinctly Southern Style next month and see what October has in store for us as far as autumn happenings.

Thanks for stopping by and do be sure to drop me a note in the comment section below. I would love to hear what’s happening in your corner of the world today.


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5 Good Reasons You Need To Stretch

Are You Getting Your Daily Stretch?




Ok, I get it! You’re not a yogi and not about to start.

But, stick with me here, and I’m sure you’ll remember a few small everyday hints and feelings that you may have long forgotten.

I’ve got 5 good reasons you need to stretch daily.

Now, remember how you used to love stretching long and hard before rising out of bed. That feeling of mentally awaking and physically coming alive too.

And then it happens to all of us, and we slowly slip into that few more minutes of sleep or the hurry to get up and get on with the daily routine. Then actively stretching is all but forgotten.

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Why Not Wear White After Labor Day?


What says we can’t wear white after Labor Day?

Summer heat and humidity make wearing white a very sensible fashion choice. Since white fabrics reflect the heat and keep us a bit cooler, it’s a no-brainer that it is a go-to color choice in summer. But limiting the wearing of white only during the summer months? Who came up with this idea and why can’t we continue to wear white after Labor Day?

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Transitioning From Summer To Fall Fashions


Ready Or Not Fall Fashions Are Here!


Ok gals, ready or not it’s here, the season of fall fashions is upon us. Just look at any fashion website or step into the stores, fall fashion is what it all about. Now for us Southern girls, we have many weeks of hot, humid heat ahead of us. It can make us feel like we are stuck in a corner.

So you ask, “What’s your solution? How do we transition from summer to fall fashions easily?” And the answer for me is ” Let’s keep it simple sweetie!”

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